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03/30/2021 - "Former Fort Bragg officer creates nonprofit to educate soldiers on budgeting, finances... FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) -- When Brendan Duebner served on Fort Bragg, he noticed that many fellow troops were falling victim to poor financial decisions."

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NBC KCENTV 6 Military Matters

01/29/2021 - "TEMPLE, Texas — Life Skills for Soldiers is not just a passion project, it's a way of life for a group of Army veterans who too often saw the best soldiers fall through the cracks and were ill-equipped with valuable skills to survive, not only in the Army but in the civilian world."

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FOX 7 Care Force: Life Skills for Soldiers

12/31/2020 - "AUSTIN, Texas - Many organizations work to make sure veterans have the skills they need to make the transition from military life to the civilian world.

However, many work toward that goal through financial or career training. Life Skills for Soldiers takes a more basic approach."

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Military Money Matters

"Non-profits Worth Your Time" - Jonathan Lee

"Today we’ll feature another military nonprofit that is worth your time if you are a junior leader in the military. Life Skills for Soldiers presents a unique train-the trainer construct that empowers junior leaders to teach their formations about better decision making..." Keep reading here.

Podcast Presence

The Unwavering Podcast

“We interview Army Junior Captain, Brendan Duebner about his military non-profit, Life Skills For Soldiers (LSFS). He discusses the 'train the trainer' method that has made his organization so successful in improving the lives of soldiers..." Listen on Spotify

American Valor Podcast - Founder and CEO of Life Skills for Soldiers LT Brendan Duebner, USA (Ret.)

“While serving as an Army platoon leader, [the Life Skills for Soldiers] Founder realized there are far too many soldiers who lack basic life skills causing additional stress and burden on themselves and their families. He began teaching a diverse set of everyday life topics including how to make a budget, how to start investing, and how to meal plan in the belief that doing so would help the individual and the unit..." Listen on Spotify

The Llama Lounge - Essential Life Skills w/ Brendan Duebner

"In this episode, Joe welcomed Brendan Duebner to the lounge. Brendan is a commissioned officer in the US Army and currently is the CEO and Founder of Life Skills for Soldiers, a non-profit organization created to deliver essential life skills to service members. During their discussion, they talked about the gaps our service members have when it comes to life skills such as managing finances, investing, etc. and Brendan talked about how Life Skills for Soldiers plans to resolve some of those gaps." Listen on Spotify

The Veteran - Semi Professional Interview with Mark & Brendan

"Mark and Brendan discuss the following: Quarantine workouts, upcoming start of their MBA programs, [and] travel. We also go in-depth on Brendan's new project: Life Skills For Soldiers, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to arm military officers with the instructional tools needed to serve their soldiers." Listen on Spotify